Three Documentaries About Rock Music

People who love the classical rock music usually have a few of their favorites whose music they are constantly listening to. However, this time we are not introducing music, but movies about music. Here are some great documentaries about the world of famous rock musicians and bands that might give you a lot of new details or they could be a great way to spend an evening with popcorns and amazing songs.

Three Documentaries About Rock Music
Three Documentaries About Rock Music


When we talk about the 90’s and the music of that time, we cannot forget to mention the band Oasis. The career of this band is one of the brightest moments in British music history since The Beatles. That is why Supersonic is designed to show the size of the phenomenon and the people who created its music. At the center of the movie are the Gallagher brothers: Noel, one of the best songwriters of all time, and Liam, the voice and character of Oasis. The constant disagreements of the brothers accompanied the group from the very beginning and contributed a lot to the popularity of Oasis. The end was determined by the serious conflict between brothers.

It should be noted that the movie of Supersonic does not show the entire history of Oasis. It tells the story of childhood of both Gallaghers, the beginning of music path, and the most productive years: the release of the albums Definitely Maybe, Morning Glory, The Masterplan, Knebworthe.

Gimme Danger

The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and several other bands can be called the pioneers of punk rock. However, one band represented this genre of music even before the mass wave of punk rock. This group was called The Stooges. Iggy Pop, the vocalist of The Stooges who is still working on his successful solo career, is a great interlocutor and he tells whole story of the band with relaxation and humor. And how else to convey a period based on drugs, the constant risk to life, and absolute disregard of all standards? The movie was directed by Jim Jarmusch, but it is not his typical work. In this documentary, the director shows what the real, raw power of rock’n’roll can do. The movie reflects aggression, dedication to the absurd and the madness of Iggy Pop during the performances.

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words

Frank Zappa was one of the most unique phenomena in the history of music. The reason why his work was never extremely popular is that he cared more about breaking the public norms than making super-hits. By the way, not only his works were highly provocative, but also his ideas about politics, business of music publishing, and social norms. Although his music is best recognized in the composition of the band Mothers of Invention, which has changed its composition many times, Zappa was a great music theorist and a creator of modern music for orchestra also. This movie is the first full-length documentary about Frank Zappa, assembled exclusively from video material from performances, rehearsals, and television interviews in which the musician talks about his work. The director is not going to analyze the personality of Zappa, but he made a very detailed portrait of this music revolutionary.