The Musicians from Ashville, North Carolina and Fusing Tradition with Contemporary

The Musicians from Ashville, North Carolina and Fusing Tradition with Contemporary
The Musicians from Ashville, North Carolina and Fusing Tradition with Contemporary

North Carolina is home to some of the best music and musician. The energy is ne that is unique to the music that comes from here. Anyone who has a streak of music in them will love the rhythms and beats that the music offers. Even those who don’t know how to dance or understand music cant resist the temptation to tap their fingers and move their feet to the beats. The music is not just constricted to live events or festivals, and it is everywhere and all the time. Ashville in North Carolina is home to such music and the hub for a music experience of a lifetime.

The Music Scene in Asheville

Every single main road and street has musicians piled and performing in Asheville. From buskers to bands, they are everywhere. They use different unique instruments to play their fabulous home-grown music like spoons or even fiddles. Electric guitars are plugged in for that particular effect too. The whole experience is like living a life filled with music through every place you go through in Asheville. Friday nights are exceptional in every way here. The musicians are in full display and perform electronic and hip-hop music at every street corner. Genres touching bluegrass or jazz is not an uncommon feat here. Everyone is out playing some form of music. Amateurs of pros, they all show their love for music, people and dancing.

Fusing Tradition with Contemporary

While traditional music is excellent, there is a massive influx of contemporary music that is captivating the audience around the world. Even the old-timers are being sucked into the music that is popular amongst the general public. Heavy electronic pieces are now overtaking the gentle strains of the bluegrass genre. However, this is not the case with Asheville. The whole place takes pride in keeping the tradition alive and sticking to their bluegrass and country roots. There are two groups of musicians you will see in Asheville today. They are drum circles and buskers on the sidewalks. The best part is that anyone visiting is welcomed to join the drum circles and perform. Grab a spoon or a drum and participate in the circles making music together is a welcome feature to any musician.

The greatest thing about the drum circles is that everyone is allowed to use anything to play, thus keeping the tradition intact. The welcoming and holding of the culture here ensure that even the clubs and festivals only use contemporary music to compliment the traditional strains and not the other way around. The Orange Peel, The Grey Eagle, Asheville Music Hall, etc. are great places to experience real Asheville style musicians perform and fuse tradition with contemporary music. There are over 7,000 people who go to live events and concerts that are hosted at these venues. The best way to experience these venues and the music they offer is to do it the traditional way with some great beers and nothing fancy or modern to compliment the experience.

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