The Most Influential Artist from North Carolina – Hootie and the Blowfish

The entertainers that hail from North Carolina sure do have a flair in their performances. One of the greatest musicians who influenced the world of music is the band Hootie and The Blowfish, and they hail from the heart of North Carolina. The success that the band saw in the 80s has helped the band get back together after a break to give the new world the music that they created for the 80s. The band is said to release a new album and organize a tour of the US this year, and it is one of the biggest comebacks that the music industry will see. As a band, this North Carolina crew hardly had a break-up like most of the award-winning bands of the time. Instead, as a collective decision they decided to take a break from making music for a decade.

The Band and The Music

The band chose the iconic bar called Group Therapy in Five Points to break the news about their newest release. For those who know about Hootie and the Blowfish, the bar has some sentimental value to the band members. The tour itself is to be named Group Therapy showcasing brand new music that the existing fans have never heard about. Forty-four cities around the United States will have the honor of playing host to this legendary band. Most often, fans have had a lot of questions about the group from the time they were popular right up to now. These questions often form speculation about the band members. Here are some of the fun tidbits about the band that breaks the silence.

  1. Band member Darius Rucker had two friends nicknamed Hootie and the Blowfish. The band was named after these friends who sand with him at the Carolina Alive Choir.
  2. Bryan and Rucker initially started the band.
  3. The initial name of the group was ‘The Wolf Brothers’
  4. Rucker studied journalism and does not major in music.
  5. The band played in several many insignificant venues in South Carolina when they started. They worked their way up and made an EP called Kootchypop.
  6. Kootchypop was sold in 1993 when a scout called Tim Sommer found them and signed them to Halloween the same year.
  7. Atlantic records released and sold their first album which was the best selling album in the history of the record company.
  8. Rucker was always mistaken to be Hootie, but he never took the credit for it and was happy to pass it to the person who deserved it.
  9. Apart from making music, the band members love golf and host annual golf charities. ‘Monday After the Masters’ is an event where celebrities and professional golfers play a round or two for the sake of charity. The event is hosting the day after the prestigious Master’s tournament to bring in bigger bucks for the charity.
  10. The street where the band first performed in the 1990s was renamed Darius Rucker Boulevard in 2013.