Swedish festivals

If you like festivals of various types, Sweden is the perfect destination in the summer, where there are really all kinds of festivals.

I just have to write about my absolute favorite, Urkult. If you have children, this is the absolute best festival you can go to! No one leaves dissatisfied from there, I can guarantee it.

There are so many fun things for the kids to do but do, but do not count on any fancy playgrounds, here nature has been able to provide inspiration for play. And about playing there, the kids are guaranteed to have fun.

Music, culture and friends

Urkult, in Näsåker is the festival that is closest to my heart. It has music from the landscape. It offers music geniuses with lyrics that touch. With an international touch, tones, expressions, and shapes that are not heard on the Radio makes me to dance. I dance to the rhythm, my body automatically learns new steps. Urkult also has clear messages about equality, care, justice, and respect. It tries to bring out the big in the small without making them so pretentious and extremely “different”.

As much as Urkult is about music and expression, it is about intimate traditions, swimming in the rapids, barbecue evenings, shared tents, and a wonderful market street.

Urkult is a folk festival for everyone. A meeting place and a source of inspiration.

During three festival days, people, music, and culture from different parts of the world come to Näsåker, the village which is beautifully situated by the stately Nämforsen in Ångermanälven.

More than music

In addition to concerts on several different stages, the program also consists of activities such as children’s theater, courses, workshops, and poetry. Crafts and organic food are other standing elements at Urkult.

In the heart of Näsåker’s old party site, which acts as a festival area under Urkult, a natural amphitheater sinks into the ground that is framed by the pine-covered nip edges that are so characteristic of the landscape along the Ångermanälven river.

Urkult is inaugurated with Eldnatten – a unique performance every year, often with elements of several different kinds of art forms such as drums, song, dance, and fire.

If you visit Urkult, it will be like a little break from the real-life out there, that’s exactly how it feels. Many of the routines you may have at home will be completely forgotten at Urkult. I often play games on my mobile when at home but I think I only did it once during the whole week in Nämforsen, that was when I was putting kids to sleep and I played some games on sudoku.com and pokerstarscasino.com. But the kids slept off so quickly so it wasn’t much time to play that time, since I also wanted to go back to listen to music with my friends.


Another nice music festival is Storsjöyran in Östersund.

Storsjöyran started in 1983 in its current form. At that time, Yran was the first music festival in Sweden with stages and restaurants built in the middle of a city center. Yran is now one of Scandinavia’s largest music festivals, every year 40-60 artists perform on seven stages in the center of Östersund. Yran lasts for three days but is surrounded by the ten-day Yran Week, which always begins on Friday, the week before the festival.

Yran area has its core in central Östersund with stages in Badhusparken, on Stortorget, and inside Storsjöteatern. The harbor is also part of the festival area, during Yran Week several restaurants are moving there, which together form a restaurant street. On the other side of Badhusparken is the festival’s amusement park, which is also open throughout Yran Week.

Since 1983, more than 1,500 artists and groups have played at Storsjöyran. International names include Kraftwerk, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, Sting, Pet Shop Boys, Van Morrison, Bryan Adams, Suede, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Motörhead, Pulp, Mavis Staples, Roky Erickson, The Pretenders, BB King, Solomon Burke, Kris Kristofferson, Teenage Fan Club, Bad Religion and Justice.

PS do not forget to check if you can see Storsjöodjuret in the lake, that´s the Swedish cousin of Nessie in Loch Ness in Scotland.

Festival in Sweden

At last

Finally, I must mention another festival, old hard rocker as I am. Sweden Rock is a rock festival outside Sölvesborg in Blekinge (in southern Sweden).

They offer the best possible mix of classic rock, hard rock, metal, blues, and related genres. With a packed program, we fill the festival’s five stages with 80-90 bands.

Large food selection, thorough and continuous cleaning throughout the festival, minimal queues, and vacuum-based toilets – all to offer the festival market’s best service.

Another of Sweden Rock’s hallmarks is the convivial atmosphere and you meet hard rockers from over fifty countries.

Sweden Rock Festival has become known as one of the world’s most well-organized rock festivals.

Sweden Rock Festival is, in short, a place where you do not have to worry about anything other than relaxing and having fun.