Indie American Bands Who Made It Big

Everyone knows how hard it is to start out in the music industry. It may take years and years of publicity, projects, and written songs to impress the crowds and become a star. Even bands under major record labels find it difficult. How much harder is it for those indie bands who wouldn’t know the first thing to do to become popular?

Still, over the years, lots and lots of indie artists are starting to emerge and get their shot at stardom. Plenty of them are happy to enjoy and share their music while still getting their fair share of popularity.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Dedicated to following only their music calling, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have expressed their independence since the very beginning of their career. Apparently, being autonomous in their choice of music hasn’t been a drawback.

It’s led them to the #1 rank in the Billboard charts, gaining them another title as the first unsigned artist to hit the top in nearly a decade. But they are not only about rock and roll. These Seattle natives also have a heart for other causes. Starting from their stint at the Grammys to promote social causes to their empowerment of other indie bands, they are not only rock stars at heart, but also movers and believers.

Chance the Rapper

Although Chance is a solo artist, not a band, he is among those very few who have strictly refused coordination with major labels. The 21-year-old Chicago rapper, after shaking the world in 2013 with his Acid Rap, moved to Los Angeles and started making all sorts of tunes his own crew, the Social Experiment.

Pros and iCons

Being a rising star in the city that never sleeps is, by far, the biggest achievement you can ever get as an independent rock band. Pros and iCons have really made it big in New York City, with them being the fan favorites at Z100’s Jingle Ball. They are slowly rocking their way to stardom and just recently, one of the boy band’s songs was even used as a tune in a commercial for Jaguar.


Although the duo signed a record deal in 2011, their stardom was still credited to the thousands of YouTube followers and subscribers in their channel. Fans faithfully believe in the potential of these two artists. Making each and every cover video more viral than their last one, Karmin puts all their talent, determination, and hard work into rising on their own. Being the true indie artists that they are, they decided to get rid of their label and continue their rise to stardom without the constraints and rules of the corporate music machine.

Trash Talk

From the wild corners of California, this punk band truly knows what it takes to keep their songs alive and true to their roots. After years of taking the indie route to popularity, they eventually took a record deal from Odd Future and since then, continued making music for the people.