How Independent Artists Get Their Music Heard

Before you start on your journey to get your music out there, identify your goals. What exactly are you trying to promote? Is it a tour, a new album, or a new single? This targeted way of thinking will allow you to structure your plan and come up with ideas on promotion.

The next step is finding your niche and targeting the right audience. Your fans are a specific type of person who connects to the art that you make. A gimmick or attention-grabbing style can help, such as Sia’s covering of her face.

Once you’ve determined your audience, targeting is easy. If you’re trying to promote a particular show in a new city, get in touch with local radio stations and publications in that city. If you already have a mailing list for your band, use it to promote new singles and new music.  

Traditional promotion methods

There are three major ways artists have found success in promoting their music.

  1. Play live shows. Plenty of new artists think that the digital world is where the money is, but there’s nothing that compares to an awesome live show. This not only makes you money, but it gives new and old fans a chance to have that important in-person interaction with you.
  2. Get YouTubers to use your music. YouTube personalities are always on the lookout for music they can use to make their videos more engaging. There’s the possibility of giving them your music royalty-free in exchange for them tagging you in the video or including a link to your site.
  3. Get coverage from press and blogs. Create an electronic press release if you can’t afford a public relations professional yet. Make sure you are targeting blogs or music magazines that would be interested in your type of music.

Social media

Social media is also a powerful modern tool, but it has to be used strategically.

  1. Use your mailing list and website. A mailing list is a vital source of marketing your music, and you should aim to grow it as large as possible. A professional website that has links to your music and upcoming show dates is also a must.
  2. Develop your social media presence. Keep it consistent and don’t slack off on updating your profiles. Platforms you can try include Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure to use the same handle across profiles so people searching for you can find you easily.
  3. Music videos on YouTube. Regardless of if the music is a hit or not, an exciting video can make you go viral. Think outside the box and look at other videos that have blown up and see what they have in common.

You may think that promotion is difficult, but many artists who are famous now started right where you are. Use these tips to get your music up and off the ground in no time and you’ll be well on your way to being a star.