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Indie American Bands Who Made It Big |

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Everyone knows how hard it is to start out in the music industry. It may take years and years of publicity, projects, and written songs to impress the crowds and become a star. Even bands under major record labels find it difficult. How much harder is it for those indie bands who wouldn’t know the first thing to do to become popular? Still, over the years, lots and lots of indie artists are starting to emerge and get their shot […]

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Formerly Underground Music Genres – Part 2 |

Once underground, the drill music genre has been blasted into the headlines for its supposed links to violent crime in the inner city in Britain. But what is drill, and is it really responsible for violence? This article will give you the answers. What is drill? Drill is a type of trap music with distinctive, ominous beats. The most famous early artist to use it was Chief Keef, a rapper from Chicago. That city gave birth to the genre. It […]

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