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Early Forms Of Rock Music Part 2: Country Rock |

Part of the beauty of rock and roll is that its roots come from so many different places. A large part of those roots is country music. The blend of the two has shaped and influenced some major moments and artists in the rock genre. It started in America’s south, but many of the best practitioners hailed from other places. It even reached as far as Britain, when the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards met Gram Parsons. Read on to find […]

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Early Forms of Rock Music Part 1: Rockabilly |

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Rockabilly is one of the pioneering forms of rock music. Its influence helped shaped rock and infused the music of one of the most successful artists of all time, Elvis Presley. Artists from Morrissey to the White Stripes have used the sound in their music. Read on to find out about this fascinating music genre. The origins of rockabilly Rockabilly came out of the Southern United States, by some accounts as early as the 1950s. Its origins can be seen […]

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The Most Underrated American Cities to Listen Music In |

Going to see live music in a big city like New York or Austin is a once in a lifetime experience. But have you ever experienced an independent show in one of America’s lesser known music cities? Some of the best music scenes are in places you may never have heard of. It’s these smaller markets that are growing fast. The rise of independent music venues with strong local support is changing the face of live music. To find out […]

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