The History Of North Carolina’s Music

Not many places can boast of producing legends of the saxophone, fiddle, as well as punk rockers. Except for the state of North Carolina, that is. The area has a long and rich musical tradition. Want to find out more?


Indie Music

Hip independent music is also one of North Carolina’s trademarks. Its vibrant tradition can be seen in the hundreds of music festivals that take place across the state. Record labels like Merge Records and venues like the Cat’s Cradle nurture and keep independent music alive. Punk rock had its heyday in Chapel Hill during the 1970s. There’s no doubt it was inspired by a large number of young people in college there. Charlotte, in particular, was also a punk rock center. Many heavy metal bands also came from the state including Lorelei, Weedeater, and Against Their Will.

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In some ways, it could be said that modern jazz has its roots in North Carolina. Though they left the state to make it in their music careers, many of the most prominent jazz musicians of all time started out here.