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Jenny Hval - Innocence is Kinky

Jenny Hval's Innocence is Kinky might just be Norway's finest export since the great Knute Rockne (Go Irish!). It is experimental, indiscreet, discomforting, noisy, and beautiful. Hval’s powerful voice whispers, speaks, rises and floats, falls and drifts out.


With the brazen opening line, "That night, I watched people fucking on my computer," Jenny Hval grabs your attention. Onto a canvas, with voice hushed, she paints a pheromonal landscape of sly, brazen, and seductive temptation while controlling the freedoms of her extended vocal style. On “Mephisto in the Water”, Hval exudes an innocence which in the opening track was shrouded in a thick fur overcoat of lechery.


Then things start getting a little bit weirder...


In order to meet my past-due deadline, and at the risk of being called lazy, or unhinged, the following lines will sum up this album with the use of mystical and/or mythical metaphor.


Innocence is Kinky begins deep in her body and flows through her bones then rises from her mouth and fingertips until she is outside looking down at herself.


She walks the wooded path and catches glimpses of sunlight streaming through the mist among the Nordic birch trees. A light stream falls into the clear blue pool below. Peaceful discontent, joyful confidence.


Then it's night again. She loses the trail and fearfully jabs at the air, stumbling blindly. In the darkness, as she takes her first step over the cliff's edge, a giant Gullinkambi swoops in from the east, rescuing her. They soar above peaks and over green valleys. They approach storms and must blaze through. They clear the storm and land back down among the birch trees.


Wet and cold she heats up beside a fire with her inexplicable savior, the mysterious Gullinkambi. The light flickers on its beak. Its glowing eyes shine alertly. She meets its gaze and feels her spirit rising from its hidden place, through her bones, and then outside, again looking at her own body.


This wildly eclectic full length is available now from Rune Grammofon, and Hval is taking the inspired sounds of Innocence is Kinky to US stages this summer.



-Clint 'Paula Deen is Dead' Murdock



Jenny Hval

Innocence is Kinky

(Rune Grammofon)